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Some of The Top Photography Sites and Photographers to Follow on Twitter

There is so much new information being released every day, you could literally spend all day on the computer and not learn or see a fraction of what is being posted. So where do you begin? How to balance your time between being productive and learning all that you can in a short amount of time. A good place to begin is to follow the right group of Twitteres that are relevant to you. But where to even begin to look for these people?  No worries….I’ve already started you on your way.

Here’s a list of some of the people that you should be following if you want to stay updated about the world of photography. You’re probably already following some, if not all of them. This list is by no means close to complete, and if you find a great Twitter resource, be sure and post it in the comment section below. I will be updating this list periodically, hoping to have a solid compilation all in one place.

1. Lightstalking: One of the most popular photo related Twitter sites around, with over 365,000 followers to date. Light Stalking is all about beautiful photography and getting the word out about the talented people who produce it. Put simply, Lightstalking is all about sharing great photography and helping you make it.

2. Craftandvision: Champions of the amateur photographer, they tweet all kinds of great creative and technical tips, introspective and inspirational insight and news about their fantastic eBooks that are written by top photographers like David DuChemin and Mitchell Kanshkevich. They are photographers, champions of the amateurs – the ones who do this for the love of it.

3. BHPhotoVideo: The largest source of photo equipment in the entire galaxy tweets links to articles, gear reviews, sales, new products, and other great ways to explore photography, save money and stay motivated. keep up to date with all the latest gadgets, gear, equipment, prices and reviews. See what’s hot!

4. RoshSillars: Rosh is co-author of the Linked Photographers’ Guide to Online Marketing, and he tweets a regular stream of very introspective material that can help you analyze whether you as a photographer are getting your message out to the right audience.  Always a jewel of information to be found.

5. aphotoeditor: Run by Rob Haggart, who posts notifications of the aPhotoEditor blog posts. If you don’t read these, then you’re missing out on some really great professional insight and perspectives about the industry and how to deal with clients. Rob Haggart was the Former Director of Photography at Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine.

6. MemoryGate: Michael Shilling, a UK based photographer, blogger and all around nice chap posts regular links of interest to photographers and updates about the great marketing and social media articles that he writes on his website, 365 Photo Creative. Micheal hosts lots of podcasts and inspiring images and rants. Chocked full of inspiration.

7. egorhythm: Run by Beate Childe, one of best marketing coaches around. You remember, she’s the one who recently said, quit complaining about the industry or get out. If you need a kick in the seat of the pants, then follow her. Beate is a coach, Author, Serial entrepeneur, Speaker and Business Lover. She also loves a variety of women’s interests and topics.

8. photoshelter: Killer photography websites, SEO, social marketing, e-commerce tools and awesome blog posts, like 10 Ways to Piss off a Photographer. You remember, that one, right?  They make killer photography websites. One powerful tool to sell photos, license stock, send high-res files, and boost your SEO.

9. Lightroomtips: If you’re a Adobe Lightroom user, follow this site for tips and tricks on how to speed up and improve your digital photography workflow, especially if you’ve upgraded to Lightroom 4, which is packed with new features. You’ll always find a plethora of Podcasts, tutorials, advice and info about updates having to do with anything Lightroom Related.

10. ApertureExpert: Not leaving out the Aperture crowd, follow this site to learn the ins and outs of Apple’s own imaging software. Also, stay updated about sales and special deals in the ApertureExpert store, which offers scripts, training, presets and more. If you’re an Aperture fan looking to become an expert, be sure to follow along.

11. Ian G. Holyoak: And Please… follow me, as I post more informational videos, discussions and images. @IanHolyoakPhoto. It’s my goal to seek out and find the best, most intelligent information on the web in regards to anything in the Photographic community. It’s my love and passion as a retouch artist and a Photographer to deliver only the best sources of information.

12.  photojack: Jack is one of the most prolific photo-tweeters. Travel photographer and social media coach Jack Hollingsworth seems to have his mouse finger on the pulse of the photography world. He posts an astounding amount of material each day, and if you happen to have something retweeted by him, it will be seen by a huge number of people.

13. chasejarvis: One of the highest read photo bloggers and twitterers on the web, Seattle-based commercial photographer Chase Jarvis posts a variety of industry fodder, introspective blurbs and inspirational tips that any shooter would find interesting. With over 120,000 followers, he’s probably the most read photographer on Twitter.

14. thephotoargus: The Photo Argus is a great resource for all photographers, novice to advanced, and every day, they post a variety of incredible, eye-catching photo galleries and how to tips. If you need daily inspiration, follow The Photo Argus.  You’ll find everything from iPhone Picture gallery’s to over he top expensive production photoshoots.

15. blackstar: If you care about your place in the photography business, follow Blackstar. Every day, the venerable NYC based photo agency posts links to valuable industry related blog posts, articles and advice from top experts. Black Star  offers photojournalism, corporate assignment photography and stock photography services worldwide.

16. Beyondmegapixel: This site is more geared towards the photo enthusiast rather than the pro. They tweet a variety of articles, image galleries, product and service reviews, inspirational links and monthly photo challenges all geared towards helping people become better and more well-rounded digital photographers.

17. Pdnonline: This a no-brainer. Photo District News is the professional’s source for photo industry news and information. If you’re a photographer, you should follow pdnonline in order to stay updated on what’s going on in your industry. With over 60,000 followers, Pdn will always keep yu up to date on all of the newest and latest news.

18. digitalps: Digital Photography School is a full featured website that helps people learn the art of digital photography. They tweet daily links to free tips, tutorials and assignments that are all geared toward the photo enthusiast and aspiring pro. With over 70,000 followers, this growing community is all about helping people grow.

19. Popphoto: Popular Photography magazine’s official Twitter feed. They provide a variety of industry news, reviews, Photo of the Day tweets, and photography related rticles. Follow them to stay up on new gear and enter giveaways. Founded in 1937, Popular Photography is a magazine dedicated to all things photographic.

20. AmazingPhotography:  Highlighting some of the best Photography. Amazing HDR shots and depth of field images on display for you to oogle awe over. With almost 200,000 followers, it’s no surprise. The inspiration alone from these guys makes me want to unplug, grab my gear and go shoot up a storm. Definetly a flavor for everybody.

21.  joe mcnally:

Twitter for long-time photojournalist, Joe McNally

Ridgefield, CT

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