A look back 15 years into my early Photoshop days

Photoshop turned 20 years old back in Feb of 2010. I remember back to the mid 1990’s, when I was introduced to Photoshop  either thru software that came with a scanner that I bought or maybe it came bundled with a computer that I bought back then. I remember doodling around with some painting and drawing on some solid color backgrounds and thinking, “this is cool”! Then I evolved to manipulating images and the floodgates opened up. I bought a book on how to  use the tools and read and reread it for the next 2 weeks. Shortly after that, I put the book down and began to improve, and develop my own usage of the tools. The concepts were presented to me, but my artistic side and my programming background and understanding of how computers work allowed my creative side to “run with it”.

My introduction to computers began in 1978, when as a high school freshman at a trade school, I was placed into the computer programming shop and graduated in 1982 with a certificate of proficiency in data processing. Everything came so  easy to me, I understood the intricacies of how pixels came to be on the screen. My true passion was in the graphic arts, but due to pressure from family to pursue a lucrative career, they persuaded me to jump on the computer path rather than the art path. Years later, the 2 paths connected and brought me to where I am today.

I had to Search back into my files to find some of my early work, Since I was mostly hobbying back then, most of the older images are lost. Here’s some from the early part of the 2000’s that I have always liked and wanted to share with the group.

This Mosquito was on my arm, I thought it would look cool on my eye. So I took a photo of my eye and after making an extraction from the arm shot, positioned it in the eye shot, I added a drop shadow and came up with this result.

I was really impressed by effect in the Gatorade commercials at the time. I know it’s been done, but I wanted to do it any way. I remember spending quite a bit of time (or back then I thought was quite a bit of time), painting each bead of sweat blue. My goal was to keep it as realistic as possible.

I thought they looked better without their heads. The content aware tool was not available back then, so all of the replacement work had to be done manually. Using the clone tools opened up some whole new avenues.

This was my first attempt at making an “Out-of-Bounds” style manipulation. Check through my tutorial Videos section in this blog, I will be posting a “How to” video of how to apply this technique to your own images.

The cloning tool was the main tool used in this transition from bullfrog to Mutant Frog. Combined with some dodge and burn techniques, the “Mutant Frog” came to be.

“The Fairy” was another evolutionary step for me, as I began to incorporate compositing different elements .

I loved using Layers and masks. To this day, I use layers and masks on pretty much every image that I work on.

So you can see, I was off and running. So much to learn, So much to create.

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