5 Minute Quick Photoshop Tutorial Video about Making Beautiful Eyes

You Have the most Beautiful eyes…”How do you get them so clean and sharp?” It’s a question that I am asked on a frequent basis.

One of the most overlooked facts about a good capture of an eye is that it contains color noise. So it makes sense to me to try to smooth out some of the apparent speckles that are causing color shifting and cloudiness over the iris and pupil. Although the eyes may look fine at 100%, If your finished image is going to be presented at a huge size, it is imperative to have the clarity which best simulates what your eyes see in the natural world. There are varieties of plug-ins which will give fast, fantastic results, however the manual control of the already available tools in Photoshop give you much better results because you can fine tune the balance between smoothing the colors and sharpening the details.
Watch this 5 Min demonstration of one of the many techniques I use.

Before any noise removal is performed, it is highly recommended to correct any color changes that need to be done first as well as removing color casts. (Subscribe to my blog and keep a look out for upcoming videos and posts about color correcting and color cast removal techniques.)

The key to having the eyes look their best is to have the finished product looking as close to real life as possible. There is no “Magic” one step, to this or any finish. Photoshop is all about taking 2 steps forward, one step back. And the day you realize that Photoshop is not software designed to correct images but rather a toolbox for changing the color of pixels, that is the day that you are liberated from the mindset and you are well on your way to becoming a retouch artist. The face is already an exquisite subject to photograph. To alter its shape or any part of its shapes such as the eyes and nose, cheeks, chins, necks or mouths, should be kept down to minimum if not at all. Instead, fine tuning what is already there most often gives the best results as far as realism goes.

I plan on updating this blog on a regular basis with more “how it’s done” videos covering a variety of subjects related to high-end photo finishing techniques. Skin smoothing, texture retaining, how to fix fly away hair, wrinkled clothes, and many more subjects. So please subscribe and you will be notified every time that a new blog post is published. Feel free to share and comment as well as request a subject which you have questions about. Thanks for reading and “Happy Photoshopping”!

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One thought on “5 Minute Quick Photoshop Tutorial Video about Making Beautiful Eyes

  1. Shan


    Thought the voice sounded familiar! Nice technique – I followed step-by-step – nice product.


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